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The art of not looking dumb: Getting the right mortgage approval

Let’s say you used mortgage calculator on my website. Let’s also say that you got a positive result and your numbers suggested strongly that you really, truly, honestly were in a position to borrow a stack of money and buy a house. Would you go to an … Read more

A window for first home buyers – but how far will it open?

  I like Peter Thompson of Barfoot and Thompson fame. This week he was quoted by NZ Herald and Radio NZ as saying that first home buyers should be exempt from the requirement to have a 20% deposit, provided the purchase price is under … Read more

AUCKLAND PROPERTY MARKET: A buyers’, sellers’ or bankers’ market?

September 2016 put a real dampener on the Auckland property market with the announcement from the Reserve Bank of a 40% deposit required by investors. Slowing things down for first home buyers was its direct intention and this legislation has … Read more

How I renovated without haemorrhaging my home loan

  When it comes to renovating property, 90% of the stories you hear or see on TV make it sound like blowing the budget is inevitable. And that’s a rather daunting prospect when you’re ramping up the home loan to make the transformation … Read more

Will an $85k income cut the mustard? The harsh reality of home loans

  Imagine you’ve just received a promotion at work – new responsibilities, fancy new job title and more cash. You’re now on $85,000 a year! Oh, the possibilities! A home loan?! Maybe now you can truly consider buying a house! If you’re in … Read more

What’s in store for the Auckland mortgage market

In my previous blog, I summarised exactly what’s been happening with the economy over the past few years (a lot!), and what it’s all meant when it comes to getting a mortgage in Auckland. Now, let’s take a look at what else is in store – and how it … Read more

The Auckland mortgage squeeze is on

The final quarter of 2016 represents a turning point for residential property owners because a handful of economic factors have come together at the same time. So, what’s happened and (more importantly) what does it mean for you when it comes to … Read more

KiwiSaver window opens to more than just first home buyers: Is this your chance?

KiwiSaver has become bread and butter for most people saving for a deposit nowadays, but until now it’s primarily been available to first home buyers only. But as of 1st July 2016, a slight change to the eligibility criteria means you might be … Read more

2 incomes to 1: How to cope with your mortgage + a baby

A few years ago my wife and I started planning for a baby. We got a bigger car. I got dragged to the baby show to look at the baby gear you can buy. There was debate about prams and how expensive Phil and Ted’s one was. But we never ended up worrying … Read more

Re-fixing your mortgage: How to get the best deal from your bank

So, the end of your fixed-term is fast approaching, and with interest rates the way they are, you’re probably wanting to see at least a few decimal points drop off the current rate you’re paying. At the end of your term the bank will offer you a … Read more