First home buyers

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The problem with buying an investment property as your first home

In these difficult and troubled times creativity is needed in order to get into a property, especially if the market you’re buying in is Auckland. So why not buy an investment property in the provinces? They’re cheap (well, cheaper than Auckland) … Read more

How I renovated without haemorrhaging my home loan

  When it comes to renovating property, 90% of the stories you hear or see on TV make it sound like blowing the budget is inevitable. And that’s a rather daunting prospect when you’re ramping up the home loan to make the transformation … Read more

Will an $85k income cut the mustard? The harsh reality of home loans

  Imagine you’ve just received a promotion at work – new responsibilities, fancy new job title and more cash. You’re now on $85,000 a year! Oh, the possibilities! A home loan?! Maybe now you can truly consider buying a house! If you’re in … Read more

What’s in store for the Auckland mortgage market

In my previous blog, I summarised exactly what’s been happening with the economy over the past few years (a lot!), and what it’s all meant when it comes to getting a mortgage in Auckland. Now, let’s take a look at what else is in store – and how it … Read more

The Auckland mortgage squeeze is on

The final quarter of 2016 represents a turning point for residential property owners because a handful of economic factors have come together at the same time. So, what’s happened and (more importantly) what does it mean for you when it comes to … Read more

Parents going guarantor: The only way of buying a house in Auckland?!

Whether you’re saving your guts out in the hopes of securing a property, or watching on as the market pretty much sucks away any possibility of your kids owning their own home, the reality of buying a house in Auckland is as far off as ever for many … Read more

Non-bank lending for mortgages – scary or useful?

The 40% deposit requirement banks impose on investors means that non-bank lenders are coming into their own. Such lenders have always been there in the background, but from my perspective the case for using them for mortgages hasn’t been particularly … Read more

40% deposit? How the new rules play out for investors & FHB

You’ve probably heard that banks require bigger deposits for people who want to buy a residential investment property – it was 20%, now 40%.... As a result, I’ve been getting quite a few questions lately on just how this is going to play out for … Read more

What the Prime Minister doesn’t know about buying a house…

Calling John Key a muppet has never crossed my mind before, especially on financial matters. He is after all, tons more wealthy than I am and therefore knows a few things that I don’t. But when he said that first home buyers should consider … Read more


Crickey! It’s hard to ignore just over a million bucks of very public profit earned in a 12-week renovation on The Block NZ. The reality of reality TV is that it takes more than teamwork and a good interior designer to turn a profit on a … Read more