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Deleting debt to get a home loan

Sometimes people come to us with a lot of consumer debt which can be a real problem if you’ve got less than 20% deposit for a home loan. If you're a borrower with a small deposit (most first home buyers!), then basically you need to be squeaky … Read more

AUCKLAND PROPERTY MARKET: A buyers’, sellers’ or bankers’ market?

September 2016 put a real dampener on the Auckland property market with the announcement from the Reserve Bank of a 40% deposit required by investors. Slowing things down for first home buyers was its direct intention and this legislation has … Read more

Hello from the other side: Thoughts from a first-home-owner

  One of my team members flicked me an email recently - she raised the point about how unknowing you can be as a first home buyer, and that can make the process far more painful than it needs to be. Louise is a first home owner herself, so … Read more

Will an $85k income cut the mustard? The harsh reality of home loans

  Imagine you’ve just received a promotion at work – new responsibilities, fancy new job title and more cash. You’re now on $85,000 a year! Oh, the possibilities! A home loan?! Maybe now you can truly consider buying a house! If you’re in … Read more

What’s in store for the Auckland mortgage market

In my previous blog, I summarised exactly what’s been happening with the economy over the past few years (a lot!), and what it’s all meant when it comes to getting a mortgage in Auckland. Now, let’s take a look at what else is in store – and how it … Read more

Parents going guarantor: The only way of buying a house in Auckland?!

Whether you’re saving your guts out in the hopes of securing a property, or watching on as the market pretty much sucks away any possibility of your kids owning their own home, the reality of buying a house in Auckland is as far off as ever for many … Read more

FINAL CALL! Winning without playing the auction ‘game’

Anyone interested in buying property in Auckland knows that damn near everything is going for sale by auction. In a hot market this is always the preferred method and we saw it happen during the last property boom in the mid-2000’s as well. As a … Read more

Property investment: Why building with new build finance could get you in the door easier

Many people have the notion of buying an investment property. Not nearly as many actually make it happen, especially now in Auckland. Borrowing restrictions and the price of property have pretty much blown Auckland out of the water for the … Read more

Q&A: ‘Just how much house can I buy?’ What a 20% home loan deposit means to your purchasing power

After flicking through the full page ads in the Property Press and drooling on real estate agencies’ windows, the reality that hits every first home buyer is, ‘Just how much house can I buy?’ There’s little point in starting the house search until … Read more

First Home Buyers: How to make 2015 your year…

It’s that time of year when – having had our fill of sunshine, beer and Christmas ham – we all get back to our usual routine, with a few grumbles about spending the fine weather at work and plenty of good intentions for how this year will pan … Read more