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Campbell Hastie

I did one of those ‘what career should you be in’ questionnaires on Facebook and it said I should be a therapist. Strangely enough that’s how it feels some days when I’m talking to people about getting a mortgage to buy a home, especially their first one.

I’ve been told I’m a good listener, can put myself in other people’s shoes and am great at working through sticky financial situations. Sounds like a therapist alright – though my clients generally sit, rather than lie, on the office couch.

People seem to trust me as they would their GP… or a fireman. Perhaps because I say things straight and in language you can understand. I also lay out the options and let you choose one that makes sense. It’s you who has to pay the damn mortgage after all, so it’s got to suit you, not me.

The funny thing about the mortgage business is that not one of my clients really wants one! You want the house. The cool renovations. The new home in a better school zone. You want to buy out the ex-husband. Or get a rental for your retirement… The mortgage is just a means to an end, and that’s something I never lose sight of.

Apart from work, I like fly fishing. There’s something cool about flicking a piece of fur and fluff to a fish and having him take it. You should try it sometime. I also like wood chopping. You know, the sport where burly blokes use 7lb razor blades to chop big logs of wood as fast as they can. Catch me at the next A&P show ?.

I do have some qualifications behind all my talk – a BCom and a BSc at Auckland Uni, which was great fun, but no use to me since. Never mind. Like most things, you learn a heck of a lot more on the job.

I’m married to Kirsty, the love of my life. We recently had our 10 year anniversary which is cool because a lot of marriages don’t last 10 minutes these days. We don’t have any kids, but we do have a fat cat called Bella.

Anyway, that’s a bit about me. I’d love to talk mortgages with you so drop me a line sometime.