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Why so many failed auctions?

One thing that’s been really on my mind lately is the number of failed auctions we’ve seen in Auckland over the last 6 to 12 months. It astounds me that real estate agents are continuing to push this method of sale when it seems to be such a … Read more

FINAL CALL! Winning without playing the auction ‘game’

Anyone interested in buying property in Auckland knows that damn near everything is going for sale by auction. In a hot market this is always the preferred method and we saw it happen during the last property boom in the mid-2000’s as well. As a … Read more

AUCTION STRATEGY: What kind of bidder are you?

What kind of bidder are you? Ever spotted one of these at an auction? Maybe one of them is you! I get asked about auction strategy a lot (and yes, it should be a little different than your Sunday night Trade Me tactics). Should I open the … Read more