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Parents going guarantor: The only way of buying a house in Auckland?!

Whether you’re saving your guts out in the hopes of securing a property, or watching on as the market pretty much sucks away any possibility of your kids owning their own home, the reality of buying a house in Auckland is as far off as ever for many … Read more

FINAL CALL! Winning without playing the auction ‘game’

Anyone interested in buying property in Auckland knows that damn near everything is going for sale by auction. In a hot market this is always the preferred method and we saw it happen during the last property boom in the mid-2000’s as well. As a … Read more

Property investment: Why building with new build finance could get you in the door easier

Many people have the notion of buying an investment property. Not nearly as many actually make it happen, especially now in Auckland. Borrowing restrictions and the price of property have pretty much blown Auckland out of the water for the … Read more

Q&A: ‘Just how much house can I buy?’ What a 20% home loan deposit means to your purchasing power

After flicking through the full page ads in the Property Press and drooling on real estate agencies’ windows, the reality that hits every first home buyer is, ‘Just how much house can I buy?’ There’s little point in starting the house search until … Read more

First Home Buyers: How to make 2015 your year…

It’s that time of year when – having had our fill of sunshine, beer and Christmas ham – we all get back to our usual routine, with a few grumbles about spending the fine weather at work and plenty of good intentions for how this year will pan … Read more

Mortgage Brokers – who do you go with?

  I was talking to a real estate agent the other day from Ray White. We’d arranged to talk over lunch (nice Pad Thai by the way) with a view to working together. Call it networking. Anyway she asked me a real good question for which I should … Read more

Auctions don’t mix with LVR speed limit

When it comes to selling a house the method of sale is one of the more important decisions you need to make. Should you sell by auction or by negotiation? With the introduction of LVR speed limits for high LVR borrowing it’s a decision that needs … Read more

RBNZ to impose speed limit on low deposit loans

The RBNZ looks set to proceed with a version of one of the macro-prudential tools signed off by the Finance Minister earlier this year — a restriction on loan to value ratios. Word on the street is that while the restriction won’t put a complete … Read more

First Home Buyers, look West

First home buyers continue to look to Waitakere City as they seek a more affordable house to buy — places like Massey, Swanson, Henderson, Glen Eden. While affordability is often better out West it can also provide an opportunity to get some … Read more

Is Home Buyer Fatigue Setting In?

In the Auckland area home buyers continue to find the going tough in the search for a house. It's been that way for a while, of course. They tell stories of how they keep bumping into the same people at open homes and auctions where hopeful … Read more