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What happens when interest rates bottom out?

Plenty of talk recently about interest rates falling further.  I reckon the talk is right. But how low will they go? Will mortgage rates go under 3%?  I see rates wobbling down around 3 to 3.5% and that’s about it. The slide will … Read more

Avocado: A new macro prudential tool

You can wait a lifetime to have a Eureka moment. Mine happened this morning actually, as I munched my breakfast salad, lovingly prepared by my beautiful wife. Breakfast salad is a wonderful mix of bacon, egg, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce … Read more

Auckland property market: Flat as a pancake

Interesting times in the Auckland property market. A year-on-year comparison of house price growth by Core Logic shows some parts of the city are still seeing some price increase but that’s not a unanimous picture, and the increases aren’t exactly … Read more

Why so many failed auctions?

One thing that’s been really on my mind lately is the number of failed auctions we’ve seen in Auckland over the last 6 to 12 months. It astounds me that real estate agents are continuing to push this method of sale when it seems to be such a … Read more

The gap between expectation and reality = OPPORTUNITY

When a property market changes there’s always a lag between that point and when market participants figure it out. Interestingly, participants never figure it out at the same time, which always creates tension. And tension is just another word for … Read more