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Capital Gains Tax: Will it really make much difference?

There’s been ongoing debate about the merits of introducing a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for many many years, and with the current government in power this tax has the best chance in years of becoming a reality. Not that I’m particularly worried if … Read more

Is property investment for you? Stacking up the big numbers

I’m a regular reader and subscriber to Tony Alexander’s ‘Weekly Overview'. I find it’s an interesting read mostly, and I like his writing style because it’s very much like his speaking style – I feel like he’s shooting from the hip but you’re still … Read more

The problem with buying an investment property as your first home

In these difficult and troubled times creativity is needed in order to get into a property, especially if the market you’re buying in is Auckland. So why not buy an investment property in the provinces? They’re cheap (well, cheaper than Auckland) … Read more

40% deposit? How the new rules play out for investors & FHB

You’ve probably heard that banks require bigger deposits for people who want to buy a residential investment property – it was 20%, now 40%.... As a result, I’ve been getting quite a few questions lately on just how this is going to play out for … Read more

40% deposit needed for property investing = Relief for first home buyers?

It could have been worse for property investing. The RBNZ could have dropped a debt to income test on you. Be thankful that they didn’t. Having a higher LVR requirement for property investors is actually the right move in my view because it should … Read more

Property investment: Why building with new build finance could get you in the door easier

Many people have the notion of buying an investment property. Not nearly as many actually make it happen, especially now in Auckland. Borrowing restrictions and the price of property have pretty much blown Auckland out of the water for the … Read more