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We’re specialists at getting you a mortgage to buy a house in Auckland

When it comes to the Auckland property market, Go2Guys are the mortgage experts. As mortgage brokers, we’ve helped hundreds of clients secure their first home. And we can help you too.

Having a mortgage broker that knows Auckland and its property market specifically, gives you a big advantage. For example, finding a 20% deposit on an Auckland-priced house can be a stumbling block. But we’ve helped people time and time again, and can work with you to find ways around it.

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Just how much house can you get?

Getting a straight answer on how much house you can buy is a tough gig! To get a real understanding, you do need to talk to a specialist Auckland mortgage broker, like us.

But if you want a quick idea, our mortgage calculator takes a lot into account to give you a really solid answer you can rely on – unlike many of the bank calculators!


Our top tips for buying in Auckland

We’ve been in this game for a while and have a heap of tips that’ll give you a head-start. That begins with being realistic about what you can afford and being flexible about what type of property you’re after – and which suburbs you’ll be looking at.

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First home buyers advice

How do we work with you?

We won’t just get you a great interest rate, we’ll also give you top advice to take the stress out of buying a house in Auckland. That starts with figuring out how much you can afford to borrow and then finding a home loan with the best conditions (and best interest rate) for your situation.

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Get our advice – for free!

Our services are completely free to use because the bank pays us. Yep, the bank pays when we secure new home loans for them. The reality is, if we can’t deliver the best home loan for you, we don’t get paid. Which is a pretty good incentive for us to do an amazing job!

We’re there to deliver a home loan that works effectively for you because we want to see you again next time you buy.

How we work with you

  • Meet with you to understand your situation and your needs
  • Give you advice about meeting bank lending criteria
  • Provide advice on how much you can afford to borrow
  • Give you tips when it comes to buying – location, method of sale and any property issues to watch out for
  • Get you the best overall loan deal – a top rate and great conditions
  • Help you protect yourself for the future with sensible insurance

It’s free, unbiased advice – so why not talk to the experts?

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Getting your first

How much deposit do you really need? What can you afford to buy? How do you get the bank to say yes? Our free e-book will answer all of your first home buying questions.
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