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First home buyers free mortgage advice ebook

mortgage advice ebook

The bank said YES – your no bullshit guide to getting a mortgage in NZ

If you’re interested in buying a house – especially your first one – then getting a mortgage and understanding your home loan options will be high on your ‘to do’ list. If that’s you then this book is for you. My 12 years’ experience as a mortgage broker has been distilled into an easy read and will help you get mortgage ready. I cover topics like:
  • How much you can borrow
  • Using KiwiSaver as your deposit
  • How much you can borrow
  • Credit checks
  • The right way to find a house
  • What a broker can do for you
The reviews are embarrassingly good and it’s been downloaded about 1000 times so I know it’s been useful for a lot of people. I hope it’s useful for you too. Enjoy!

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Carla Rikihana, Auckland. 10 / 10. Your ebook really impressed me & gave me all the answers I’ve been looking for.
Jenna Close, Auckland. 10 / 10. I liked that the book was short, straight to the point and in simple terms. There was a bit of humour to it as well. Very helpful tips on how to understand things from a banks point of view which changed the way in which I am now saving for a deposit. I also have a better understanding of how kiwi saver works too. I received an email from Cam shortly after downloading the book, offering further assistance which was additionally helpful. My partner and I are now at the application stage with the bank and feel a bit more confident with how things run after having read your book. Thanks heaps!!
Ani Ruawhare, Auckland. 10 / 10. Loved your book and am super keen to start saving for my deposit… Thanks for writing it for dummies like me that can get a clearer picture of what’s what in the mortgage world. Read all our mortgage advice ebook reviews and success stories!