During the last 6 years of mortgage broking this is one question we always get asked. Funny thing is that the reply is as varied as the people who ask it and its often a case of ‘well, it depends’. This post won’t give you a definitive answer but read on though, I think you’ll find it interesting.

I noticed something the other day in a regular report I get from Vicki Phillips, a local property valuer who operates near me up on the Hibiscus Coast. A large part of her report is made up of tables showing recent sales in different suburbs.

I looked closely at the figures. What I noticed was that many properties had sold between October and December 2010 for less than their council valuations.

A suburb summary showed the following sale price versus CV results:

  • Gulf Harbour and Army Bay — 16% below CV
  • Red Beach — 5% below CV
  • Stanmore Bay, Arkles Bay, Manly — 5% below CV
  • Kumeu and Helensville — 13% below CV
  • Omaha — 4% below CV
  • Warkworth — 5% below CV

By contrast many of the sales on the North Shore were either 1% above or below the council valuations, so not much variation there.

One final and very important point — there were sales in virtually every suburb where the difference was 12, 13, 17 and in one case a whopping 21% below the council valuation.

The upshot:

  1. A 5% discount is worth at least $20,000 off, sometimes more
  2. Theres a good deal in every suburb and
  3. In this market, you don’t have to hunt too far to find it

Realise that well priced property in a good location will move very quickly. If you require a mortgage your  mortgage pre-approval needs to be current so you can pounce quickly!

PS: you can find out the CV for most properties by going to the relevant local council website.


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