Go2guys team

Meet the Go2GuysMortgage Team

If the term mortgage broker sends a picture of an analytical, stuffy, buttoned-up, box ticker, then we’re here to break that mould. We’re a little different to the average mortgage advisor and we think it’s a great advantage.

In 2008, after working for many years together in an industry where everyone looks the same, we decided it was time to stand out. And that’s why we started the Go2Guys. Between us, we combine about 35 years in the industry, so we know a thing or two about the fine art of securing finance, sourcing the most competitive mortgage rates and just what will work for you. We answer all the questions that keep first home buyers awake at night and we suggest different ways of doing things that save time, stress and money. We also connect our clients to other people they’ll need, like valuers, lawyers and property inspectors. Whether it’s your first home or tenth, we’ll walk you through the entire process. And we’ll stick with you for the long haul – building strong relationships with our clients is one of the best parts of the business. In fact, some of our clients say we’re the most stable thing in their financial life!

So, why not get to know us better…

Campbell Hastie

Mortgage Advisor

Call Campbell on 027 697 7789

I did one of those ‘what career should you be in’ questionnaires on Facebook and it said I should be a therapist. Strangely enough that’s how it feels some days when I’m talking to people about getting a mortgage to buy a home, especially their first one. I’ve been told I’m a good listener, can put myself in other people’s shoes and am great at working through sticky financial situations. Sounds like a therapist alright – though my clients generally sit, rather than lie, on the office couch. People seem to trust me as they would their GP… or a fireman. Perhaps because I say things straight and in language you can understand. I also lay out the options and let you choose one that makes sense. It’s you who has to pay the damn mortgage after all, so it’s got to suit you, not me.

The funny thing about the mortgage business is that not one of my clients really wants one! You want the house. The cool renovations. The new home in a better school zone. You want to buy out the ex-husband. Or get a rental for your retirement… The mortgage is just a means to an end, and that’s something I never lose sight of. Apart from work, I like fly fishing. There’s something cool about flicking a piece of fur and fluff to a fish and having him take it. You should try it sometime. I also like wood chopping. You know, the sport where burly blokes use 7lb razor blades to chop big logs of wood as fast as they can. Catch me at the next A&P show. I do have some qualifications behind all my talk – a BCom and a BSc at Auckland Uni, which was great fun, but no use to me since. Never mind. Like most things, you learn a heck of a lot more on the job. I’m married to Kirsty, the love of my life. We recently had our 10 year anniversary which is cool because a lot of marriages don’t last 10 minutes these days. We don’t have any kids, but we do have a fat cat called Bella.

Anyway, that’s a bit about me. I’d love to talk mortgages with you so drop me a line sometime.

David Mercer

Mortgage Advisor

Call David on 021 633 652

I have been lending for over 20 years, and I still get a kick from helping people realise their dreams. It may be a couple buying their first home or clients looking to secure their financial future through the purchase of a rental property. I’ve been lending for so long that I’ve helped many clients buy not just their first homes, but their second or even third as well. I’ve also helped some investors purchase not only their first rental property, but build a whole portfolio. This all stems from building long term relationships with my clients. I am committed to providing an on-going personal service, both before and long after settlement. This includes advising clients on their annual fixed rate renewals during the life of their loan – a much better level of service than dealing direct with a bank. As your broker I’ll always be:

  • Accessible;
  • Dedicated to reducing the hassle involved in getting your home loan;
  • Able to offer quality advice on how to structure your loan to minimise your interest costs;
  • Focused on finding you the best deal with a lender that’s “right” for you;
  • Ensuring there are no surprises.

Along with 20 years of lending experience I have a BSc & BEc from Massey University. I’ve also lectured in banking at Unitec and I’m involved in running an annual training programme for members of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants. And of course, I am a member of the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association. Away from work I spend my time with Juli, my wife of 20 years, and my 2 sons at home in Meadowbank.

If you’re looking at buying a home or changing your mortgage, do get in touch.


Sandy Lam

Mortgage Advisor Assistant

Call Sandy on 0508 462 489

When you’re in the midst of the hub-bub of buying a new home, my role is to pull together all the details and paperwork to make sure you get that foot in the door. I work with our broking team to ensure it all comes together… on time! An analytical mind is a big bonus in getting all those boxes ticked – and my 13 years experience in the banking industry in NZ and Hong Kong looking after personal portfolios, gives me that. Perhaps a Statistics Major for my Bachelor of Science also helps! When my mind is not in full admin and analysis mode, my first love is spending time at home with my 3-year-old daughter and family, especially cooking for them.

I love the team atmosphere here at the Go2Guys where everyone is very supportive, all working towards the same purpose of helping you into that home – so get in touch if you want some help making the buying process simpler.