Two interesting scenarios have come across our desks in the last 10 days and I hope they demonstrate to you why you would use the go2guys as your mortgage broker over the DIY approach.

In the first case we suggested to a couple that they tidy up a handful of things (especially their account conduct) before we  bothered to approach a bank on their behalf even though there were some real strengths to their position, not the least of which was a great level of income. The basic problem was they were clearly spending willy nilly and living outside their means. One of them was particularly forthright and decided to totally ignore our advice and approach their bank directly. I heard about the result through a friend of theirs (also a client). Yep, you guessed it – an embarrassing decline. What’s worse, we know that lender is a really good fit for them once they’d tidied themselves up. But they’ve blown their chances in the short term.

In the second case a prospective client had been recommended to us from a friend (again, the friend was a client) and after a quick look at the situation we determined that the current bank was not the right lender for what they wanted to do as they didn’t meet that bank’s lending criteria. Despite our advice the prospect felt stongly that their established 15 year banking relationship demonstrated loyalty and that that loyalty would ‘surely’ be rewarded with an approval. It wasn’t. .

I mention these examples not because I want to say ‘I told you so’ but because they’re a demonstration of the value we provide in helping you get the best mortgage available. We’re trying to give you as many aces as possible so that when your application lands on the credit manager’s desk they can see you’ve got a winning hand.

Although most people think the best mortgage deal comes down to interest rate and various loan features the reality is that the interest rate on offer doesn’t make a skerrick of difference if you can’t get the loan approved in the first place.

Talk to us – we deliver!

About Campbell Hastie

Cam is one half of Auckland based mortgage brokers, The Go 2 Guys.

He makes a living by sharing what he knows about mortgages with people, arranging mortgages for people and then insuring people.

He doesn't claim to know everything about mortgages himself which is why he teamed up with David Mercer — hence the ‘2’ in Go 2 Guys.

He writes posts regularly on his blog and has been told he has an ability to share his knowledge in a simple and sometimes memorable way.

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