Mortgage Broker Auckland – Testimonials

We’re absolutely sure you’ll love dealing with us and that we can give you quality advice but don’t take our word for it, read what others think.

Mortgage Broker Advice Success Stories

Kat McDonald, Beachhaven, Apr 2018

Thank you so much for all your help with purchasing my first home. I have been so grateful to have someone with your knowledge and experience support me through the process, it definitely took a lot of the stress out of things from my end.

I actually had a few tears bubble up as I picked up the keys on Friday. I think the realisation finally hit me and I felt super proud to be the owner of my very first home.

Catherine and Simon Baker, New Plymouth, Nov 2017

My partner and I recently purchased out first house. Cam was by our side the whole time (thankfully!), from our initial inquiry to finalised settlement papers.
Throughout the whole process, Cam was personable and approachable and made everything clear in a completely new endeavour for us. Nothing was ever a problem, and I could tell Cam genuinely cares and loves his job working with first home buyers. I really felt like he listened to our needs, and offered insights that were greatly appreciated.

Faye Loli, Takanini, Oct 2017

It’s a great feeling that we are the first out of all our family to buy a house. And at least I can sleep in peace knowing that we don’t have inspections or the worry about getting a notice from the landlord to move out etc.

It’s scary how inflation can just change everything but I guess for the young ones these days they just need to get in there and just take what they can and work with it. No time to be picky as times are hard but I thank you and your team for all your support and help with making house buying a smooth experience

Karen Drent, Te Atatu, Oct 2017

Campbell has been my trusted adviser for over 8 years now, I hope this statement speaks volume. He breaks the fancy talk down into language I understand and then feel confident in making important decisions, 10/10!

Jess Reid & Dean Trembath, Mt Wellington, Jan 2017

As first home buyers we were completely clueless with the house hunting process and found it very intimidating. Campbell took the time and had the patience to explain everything to us in a way that we understood. He built our confidence and recommended the best and most cost effective steps for us. After 12 months of house hunting, many e-valuations and phone calls with Campbell we finally found our own place. We were extremely happy with his service and would recommend him to anyone not knowing where to start.

Simon Lempriere, Money Mentalist International Ltd, Auckland, Sept 2017

If you’re even beginning to dream about buying a house, before you go any further, read Campbell’s e-book, ‘The Bank Said Yes!’ It is a straight forward and incredibly knowledgeable explanation of what to expect when looking for a mortgage, especially your first mortgage. It covers all you will need to know, things you may not have thought about and things you perhaps wanted to ask a bank but were afraid to.

Andrew Oxley, New Lynn, July 2016

We went to Go2Guys after seeing a bank and we went from a declined mortgage proposal to a yes. Direct with the bank they just ticked boxes and didn’t find the real facts. I had just started a new job and was in the 3 month probation period. With Cam, he was able to understood my past work experience and was able to explain to the bank that with my experience I was a low risk of being without work. This was similar with my partner who was on a 1 year contract. Cam was able to explain to the banks the exact facts of our situation, not just a tick in a box.

As first home buyers it was the unknown that was the scary part. Cam was able to breakdown the costs and see what was realistic. Once it is all out on the table, we could understand exactly what was required. The fear of the unknown is then removed and you can start to plan what you can afford for monthly mortgage repayments.

I highly recommended Go2Guys for any first home buyers who need a bit of understanding and support.

Jodie Shaw, Ponsonby, April 2016

Campbell was recommended to me as ‘the best ever mortgage broker’ and he did not disappoint. He could not have been more helpful, understanding and most importantly fast moving in getting our loan approved at very short notice.

Tania Short, Rotorua 10 / 10, Mar 2016

I really enjoyed reading your e-book. Unlike the run of the mill options, it didn’t put me to sleep.(;-)) I liked the real examples, the working budget, and knowing the banks perspective. The approach you took writing it meant that when I got to talk to you on the phone, I was more at ease with discussing my own situation. Thanks

Sophie Hermann, Mt Eden, Mar 2016 
The way this e-book is written and presented gives me the feeling that I have been chatting with a friend or colleague in the business who has given me professional advice, rather than some distant mortgage broker who has no time for my mundane questions or ignorance in the matter! As I have never purchased a home before there was lots of useful information in [the ebook] that I had been unaware of eg the guarantor process, the rule of thumb for how much you can borrow, the section on house-hunting and insurance, how in-depth the bank look at your bank statements! (I immediately opened a separate savings account just for putting towards a house based on reading your ebook, as well as reviewing other expenditure). Having a free downloadable ebook for anyone interested is quite generous. Obviously you are hoping to convince them to go with you! But, you spent considerable time on it and it is your years of experience that you are sharing; already I feel like I have been given something valuable in an easy and immediate format.

Frances Boortman, Mt Wellington 10 / 10, May 2014
Campbell stood out right from the beginning to any other brokers. His ‘real talk’ and real world attitude (along with a sense of humour) made things easy and we knew what we were getting into from the first meeting. From there the process was really straight forward and we know Campbell has our best interests at heart, which with his help make any decisions easy to make. He is great at answering our many questions and because of that we feel confident we’ve done everything right, so can now just enjoy owning our first home! We will be using Campbell for all ‘brokering’ needs going forward and would definitely recommend him again and again J”

Carla Rikihana, Auckland. 10 / 10
Your ebook really impressed me & gave me all the answers I’ve been looking for.

Marcus Fitzsimmons, Napier. 10 / 10
Hi Guys,
Thanks first of all for making this e-book and for making it free!
I found it really very helpful in highlighting all the important processes for first home buyers.
There are things in your book that I hadn’t found elsewhere, so it’s definitely a good tool for all those needing some clarity.
We are looking to buy early next year when my wife from Switzerland gets residence here.

Kent, Auckland. 10 / 10
Excellent mortgage advice ebook by the Go2Guys! Extremely helpful and valuable information to help us with our first home!

Nadia Wilson, Auckland. 8 / 10
The ebook “The Bank Said Yes” took in about twelve hours of complicated internet searching and six daunting visits to the bank and put it all into sixteen easy and simple to read pages. It answered all of my questions about buying my first home and would definitely be something I would recommend to others. Thank you Cam and Dave

Veronica Lewis, Auckland. 10 / 10
The E-Book was very clear in explaining information for first home buyers, gave me all the answers I was looking for. Will definitely contact Campbell once we are ready to purchase our new home.

Ani Ruawhare, Auckland. 10 / 10

Loved your book and am super keen to start saving for my deposit…
Thanks for writing it for dummies like me that can get a clearer picture of what’s what in the mortgage world.

Jenna Close, Glen Eden. 10 / 10
I liked that the book was short, straight to the point and in simple terms. There was a bit of humour to it as well. Very helpful tips on how to understand things from a banks point of view which changed the way in which I am now saving for a deposit. I also have a better understanding of how kiwi saver works too. I received an email from Cam shortly after downloading the book, offering further assistance which was additionally helpful. My partner and I are now at the application stage with the bank and feel a bit more confident with how things run after having read your book. Thanks heaps!!

Matt Smith. Takapuna, Auckland. 10 / 10
Not only did Campbell negotiate a really competitive rate for me, but he also did a great job structuring the mortgage for my circumstances and answering all the “101 questions” a first home buyer inevitably has about the mortgage process.  Having a good mortgage broker certainly cuts out a lot of the time and stress involved in arranging finance.  As far as I’m concerned the decision as to whether to use a broker is a “no brainer”, and I’d have no hesitation recommending the Go2Guys for any prospective property purchasers.

Paul & Cara-Lee Viskovich, Te Atatu, Auckland. 10 / 10
We found Campbell Hastie to be very professional with a friendly, relaxed manner  He provided us with all the answers we required when seeking a mortgage for our first home and was always available when we had questions. As a result the process was exciting and relatively stress free. We would definitely recommend The Go2Guys to any one, particularly first home buyers.

Bruce & Megan Morris, Torbay, Auckland. 10 / 10
Dealing with other agents and banks etc my wife and I thought we were dead in the water and would have to rent our first home which we really did not want to do. We got introduced to Campbell who was positive and helpful from day one, he helped us calculate the amount we were able to loan and explained everything to us in a manner we could understand. He was very quick to action our pre-approval for us when we needed it. We now currently have an offer pending on a nice little 2 bedroom unit which we can afford. Campbell is awesome to deal with, updates you on a regular basis and is always smiling, friendly, and knows his stuff. Campbell was the only one actually able to get us our pre-approval, I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Kim-Anaka Baillie, Glenfield, Auckland. 10 / 10
4 years ago my parents decided to purchase their first rental property. I personally referred Campbell Hastie from the Go 2 Guys as I have worked with him in the past and believed he would be ideal for parents – I was right!!

John, Auckland. 10 / 10
Campbell was able to explain the process and all that comes with purchasing a rental property in a way that my parents could understand. It was great to see my parents trust Campbell and his expert mortgage advice. 4 years down the track my parents have decided to sell the rental property to me and my partner. He quickly put his great mind to work and came up with a solution for us to buy the rental as our first home. A scary thought at first has turned into the reality of been able to purchase our first home.

Sally, Auckland. 10 / 10
Campbell’s nature, professionalism and industry knowledge has lead us down a path we didn’t think we ready for. I would highly recommend Campbell and the Go 2 Guys to anyone that is looking for a mortgage — I can guarantee these guys will be more than just your ‘mortgage broker’ — friends for life.

Warren Corston CFP, Senior Adviser, Trustees Executors Private Wealth. 10 / 10
I’ve dealt with Campbell Hastie and David Mercer for several years. They’ve always provided wholly professional, prompt mortgage broking and insurance broking services and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Wayne Shea & Brian Tournier, Directors, Advanced Financial Solutions. 10 / 10
We have great confidence in Campbell & David’s ability and integrity . We have had many happy clients helped by the go 2 guys and highly recommend you give them a call, you won’t be disappointed!

Ainslie Williams, Mairangi Bay, Auckland. 10 / 10
Campbell has been my adviser/mortgage broker since 2006. I have found him to be an excellent source of knowledge in relation to my financial affairs. Campbell is very honest and has a genuine concern for all of his client’s needs. I would not and have not hesitated to recommend him to my friends and family for advice.

Bronwynne & Jason Eastabrook, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa. 10 / 10
Campbell Hastie of the go2guys provided us with a friendly, prompt and professional service. At each visit he has always come well prepared and presented my husband and I with different scenarios taking into our account our current situation and consideration of our future family plans.

Petra Deadman, Waiuku. 10 / 10
The Go 2 Guys were recommended to me for expert mortgage advice on applying for a new mortgage to purchase a new home. I had the good fortune of being introduced to Campbell Hastie as my representative.

Susan, Auckland. 10 / 10
I am a single woman who is self employed and have an irregular income. My own attempts to borrow from various lending institutions were futile. After having met with Campbell on three occasions he managed to obtain a loan for my purpose at an excellent interest rate and reasonable terms.

Penny, Auckland. 10 / 10
I felt Campbell was very efficient in his approach to accessing and attaining a loan for me. I found Campbell to be compassionate, thorough, persistent against all odds and meticulous in his communications throughout the whole process. I would recommend The Go 2 Guys as a first port of call when wanting to attain a mortgage.

Libby Duff, Sandringham. 10 / 10
If you want you a broker with a ‘can do attitude’, then Campbell is your man. As a first home buyer I had many minor questions to ask, and it was never a problem to ask Campbell and for him to repeat himself on many occasions.

Campbell seemed to be available every time I called 24/7, it was just really awesome customer service! Thanks again Campbell, I will definitely be talking to you again with our next purchase.