Spring has definitely sprung at my place but the banks haven’t really come out firing with a matching burst of gusto. The number of vendors listing property has picked up a wee bit, still not the kind of spring rush one normally expects though. It’s all been a bit quiet really.

So no change from what I said 2 weeks ago.

The only ‘spring offer’ to hit the market so far is HSBC promoting 4.85% fixed for 6 months. Which sounds awfully good doesn’t it? But if you’re not already with them you’ve got the hassle of having to make the change for what is really only a six month advantage. What happens after that? Change back? In my experience people who jump ship for a short term gain in price certainly save some pennies but in the long term they tend to lose dollars.

What’s more interesting is that there has been a bit of downward movement in the 4 and 5 year fixed interest rates in the last week or so. Yes, everything is under 6% now. Wow, wish I hadn’t locked in a 3 year interest rate of 6.45% last year. Still, you can’t win them all and the logic of that decision remains valid. I’m glad the majority of my lending is still floating.


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