First home buyers

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AUCKLAND PROPERTY MARKET: A buyers’, sellers’ or bankers’ market?

September 2016 put a real dampener on the Auckland property market with the announcement from the Reserve Bank of a 40% deposit required by investors. Slowing things down for first home buyers was its direct intention and this legislation has … Read more

Real Estate Agents and ‘the truth’

Some people regard real estate agents as a pack of liars and a proposal before parliament which would require real estate agents to tell the truth about properties they're marketing might just formalise that thinking. What's more it would appear the … Read more

Mortgage advice

Two interesting scenarios have come across our desks in the last 10 days and I hope they demonstrate to you why you would use the go2guys as your mortgage broker over the DIY approach. In the first case we suggested to a couple that they tidy up a … Read more

You don’t need 5% deposit to buy an apartment…

Buying an apartment sure has it's attractions. They're generally well located in the centre of a city which makes them handy to work, entertainment and shopping. The other beauty is that there aren't any lawns to mow or gardens to take care of. Plus … Read more

Apartments – good buy or good bye?

There are lots of reasons that make apartments an attractive property to own. Not least of which is the fact that the asking price is often waaayyy lower than your average house in the suburbs. Being close to work, lots of cafe's bars and restaurants … Read more