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Capital Gains Tax: Will it really make much difference?

There’s been ongoing debate about the merits of introducing a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for many many years, and with the current government in power this tax has the best chance in years of becoming a reality. Not that I’m particularly worried if … Read more

CAPITAL GAIN: What does it mean and why does it matter?

If you’re a first home buyer, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘capital gain’ – but what does it really mean for you?  In Auckland getting capital gain is something of a weekend sport so most people know what it is, but just to be clear: it is the … Read more

Investing in property is…

Here’s a half decent article on the subject from Bruce Shepherd, immediate former head cheese of the NZ Shareholders Association. He focuses on ‘yeild’ as being the key criteria for figuring out whether to buy a property or not and reckons the … Read more