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CAPITAL GAIN: What does it mean and why does it matter?

If you’re a first home buyer, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘capital gain’ – but what does it really mean for you?  In Auckland getting capital gain is something of a weekend sport so most people know what it is, but just to be clear: it is the … Read more

RBNZ to impose speed limit on low deposit loans

The RBNZ looks set to proceed with a version of one of the macro-prudential tools signed off by the Finance Minister earlier this year — a restriction on loan to value ratios. Word on the street is that while the restriction won’t put a complete … Read more

Residential property market survey

Although bank reports are often as dry as a brick in the Sahara the latest residential property market survey done by the BNZ has some interesting information if you care to take a look. Truly. It's on their website. I noted a couple of … Read more

5 reasons why 2012 is a good time to buy a house

I have a funny feeling that this year we'll be helping more people into their first home than ever before. Yes, I think 2012 is a good time to buy a house. That's despite the doom and gloom that keeps coming out of Europe. The ongoing quakes in the … Read more

Kiwisaver as deposit for first home

Lately, more and more clients have been approaching us hoping to use their Kiwisaver money as part or all of their deposit for a first home purchase. Which is really great to see. But often, they are confused as to what they can access. If you want … Read more

You don’t need 5% deposit to buy an apartment…

Buying an apartment sure has it's attractions. They're generally well located in the centre of a city which makes them handy to work, entertainment and shopping. The other beauty is that there aren't any lawns to mow or gardens to take care of. Plus … Read more

Door wide open for first home buyers

When was the last time buying a house in NZ was as affordable as it is right now? 2004. The combination of record low interest rates, a slight increase in after tax income (you probably didn't notice that very much!) and soft prices for your … Read more

Auctions and the low deposit mortgage

  Of all the methods of buying property, auctions are probably the most exciting. Certainly reality TV has turned them into something of a 'glamour event' and stories abound of people going to auction and  buying very well. If you're thinking … Read more

2011 – get ready!

In real estate there are only a handful of rules; one of them is that ‘well located and appropriately priced property always moves quickly’. And is it any wonder? Although most buyers would welcome a screaming bargain in reality  ‘well located and … Read more

5 tips for first home buyers this summer

1. A house that matches your entire wish list doesn’t exist.  It will be a compromise, so go for one that meets 75% of what you want and get on with it. Ignore if you just won lotto. 2. There’s a good chance you won’t be in your first house forever. … Read more