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What have interest rates got to do with the price of broccoli?

With the RBNZ announcing (last week, May 8th) that they’re lowering the Official Cash Rate to 1.5%, it’s a fact that borrowed money has never been cheaper in New Zealand. I can hear you rejoicing. And why not? It means your existing mortgage … Read more

There has been quite a lot of noise about (rising) inflation since roughly the end of March. It's the kind of noise that borrowers and wannabe borrowers should keep an eye on. Why's that you ask? Because there's a clear relationship between … Read more

Interest rate rise coming

Next Thursday the Reserve Bank decides on what to do with the Official Cash Rate which will in turn influence what the banks charge you and I. My pick is that the OCR won’t change right now because the economy still has quite a hangover. So don’t … Read more