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Interest rate rise coming

Next Thursday the Reserve Bank decides on what to do with the Official Cash Rate which will in turn influence what the banks charge you and I. My pick is that the OCR won’t change right now because the economy still has quite a hangover. So don’t … Read more

Mortgage interest rate outlook, April 2011

We had started 2011 quite strongly, commodity prices (read Dairy) were surging, mortgage approvals were on an upward trend breathing life into the real estate market and confidence was improving overall, not that it had yet flowed through to … Read more

Silver lining to earthquake?

The Christchurch earthquake. Wow. The place looks like a wrecking ball has been through it. Like everyone else around the country our thoughts go out to the good folk of the garden city. I was glued to the TV on Tuesday and remember feeling much the … Read more

No rise in interest for Christmas

If the economic boffins around the traps are to be believed then the RBNZ is likely (nay, almost certain) to leave interest rates alone this side of Christmas. That’s a reasonable chrissy pressy for the country I’d say, especially since the last 12 … Read more

December round up

As 2010 limps to a close I’m sure many of you will join with me in letting out a collective ‘thank god for that!’ We’ve had some highlights this year but overall I have to admit it has been a tough one for anyone involved in the property business. … Read more

Mortgage Round Up – Sept 2010

Do we do have momentum? There is no doubt that the economy is recovering, albeit slowly and on a slower basis than previous months.  Yes it’s a bit patchy with uncertainty still holding us in check but this will be the pattern for the balance of the … Read more

Round Up – July 2010

Media make rate rises more dramatic than they really are Interest rates getting back to normal Lending criteria remains conservative To fix or float? Are your hands getting numb yet? Surely consumers must have pins and needles by now because as … Read more

Interest rates up, future rises moderate

So the RBNZ lifted the OCR this morning, no surprises there. But the really good news is that while future increases are certain to occur, the RBNZ believe the pace of increases will be much more moderate than it has suggested in the past. For the … Read more