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RBNZ to impose speed limit on low deposit loans

The RBNZ looks set to proceed with a version of one of the macro-prudential tools signed off by the Finance Minister earlier this year — a restriction on loan to value ratios. Word on the street is that while the restriction won’t put a complete … Read more

Mortgage advice

Two interesting scenarios have come across our desks in the last 10 days and I hope they demonstrate to you why you would use the go2guys as your mortgage broker over the DIY approach. In the first case we suggested to a couple that they tidy up a … Read more

Do banks lend over 80%?

I was asked this question the other day. The really funny thing was that I thought everyone knew the answer was 'yes'. Clearly I spend too much time reading lending criteria instead of engaging in the real world! To borrow over 80%, you need … Read more

The truth about low deposit mortgages

You may have noticed that banks have become more flexible in their lending policies especially for borrowers whose deposit is less than 20%. In fact, you may have even seen some advertising on TV (Westpac) or on Facebook targeting first home buyers … Read more

100% mortgages coming back?

Making headlines recently in Sydney’s Daily Telegrpah was an article on high LVR lending with bank and non-bank lenders alike reported to be getting more comfortable lending up to 100%. What? I hear you say. Isn’t this the sort of behaviour that got … Read more

Round Up – July 2010

Media make rate rises more dramatic than they really are Interest rates getting back to normal Lending criteria remains conservative To fix or float? Are your hands getting numb yet? Surely consumers must have pins and needles by now because as … Read more