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Mortgages = money. Who’s paying if your income disappears?

When people come to us for a mortgages they know income enables them to take on debt. They know that paying debt without income is hard. And they know the creditor will take assets if debt repayment doesn’t happen (eg. the bank will take the … Read more

There’s more to Life than Financial Strength

You’d have to say the Financial Strength Rating an insurance company has is an important factor in considering who to place your insurance with and most right thinking people know this to be intuitively correct. In the case of a life insurance … Read more

Single parent? Think about this.

“If something were to happen to  me, would you raise my child?” As a single parent, you may have already considered who will care for your child/ren if anything should happen to you. You may have even asked someone to do that job if necessary. But … Read more

Make your tax cut work for you

From the 1st of October every income earner in NZ gets a pay rise thanks to a reduction in tax rates. At the same time GST is on the increase but the government reckon the overall effect is that nearly everyone will have a few more dollars in their … Read more

Spray ‘n’ Wipe, bleach and a financial spring clean

On Sunday morning I nearly poisoned myself with spray n wipe and bleach. No, life is not that bad but with the first day of spring behind us I couldn’t stand the accumulating dust or the mould on the window sills any longer. I just snapped and had to … Read more

Fair Go get it badly wrong

Insurance companies are easy meat. It’s so easy to paint a poor picture of them when tragedy strikes because you’ve got all the emotion that goes hand in hand with a traumatic event. Everyone loves to call them bastards, especially when you are hurt … Read more