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Capital Gains Tax: Will it really make much difference?

There’s been ongoing debate about the merits of introducing a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for many many years, and with the current government in power this tax has the best chance in years of becoming a reality. Not that I’m particularly worried if … Read more

Avocado: A new macro prudential tool

You can wait a lifetime to have a Eureka moment. Mine happened this morning actually, as I munched my breakfast salad, lovingly prepared by my beautiful wife. Breakfast salad is a wonderful mix of bacon, egg, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce … Read more

The art of not looking dumb: Getting the right mortgage approval

Let’s say you used the mortgage calculator on my website. Let’s also say that you got a positive result and your numbers suggested strongly that you really, truly, honestly were in a position to borrow a stack of money and buy a house. Would you go … Read more

Mortgages: Is a 10 year fixed term too long?

Imagine setting your interest rate at 5.89% and never batting an eyelid over it for the next 10 years. That’s what TSB’s recent announcement essentially offers – a 5.89% home loan fixed for 10 years. But does this deal really suit the average … Read more

My bank doesn’t understand small business

If you're a small business owner you may have heard this one before. You may have even said it once or twice! A few weeks ago we workshopped a case with National Bank where the business owner was looking for a loan to 'tidy up a few bills' and to … Read more

Mortgage advice

Two interesting scenarios have come across our desks in the last 10 days and I hope they demonstrate to you why you would use the go2guys as your mortgage broker over the DIY approach. In the first case we suggested to a couple that they tidy up a … Read more

Buying a home ain’t easy!

So you decide to go house hunting and wouldn't you know it, the first house you see is exactly what you want and at the right price. It's a great deal and it's staring you in the face. But you find yourself hesitating, unsure if you should make an … Read more

Use a mortgage broker

  Estimates vary but we know mortgage brokers handle at least a third of all home loan applications in New Zealand today, with some estimates going as high as half of all applications. Either way, mortgage brokers are an increasingly popular … Read more

2011 – get ready!

In real estate there are only a handful of rules; one of them is that ‘well located and appropriately priced property always moves quickly’. And is it any wonder? Although most buyers would welcome a screaming bargain in reality  ‘well located and … Read more