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Banks say credit rationing is a myth: Yeah right

If it walks like a duck, farts like a duck and makes a great confit like a duck, then it’s gonna be hard to call it anything else. Yet that’s exactly what a couple of bank CEOs would have you believe. Sorry, gents I’ve got to take you to task … Read more

The art of not looking dumb: Getting the right mortgage approval

Let’s say you used the mortgage calculator on my website. Let’s also say that you got a positive result and your numbers suggested strongly that you really, truly, honestly were in a position to borrow a stack of money and buy a house. Would you go … Read more

Mortgages: How to juggle them when you’re self-employed!

If you're self-employed it can often feel like your income is as unpredictable as the Warriors on game day. This can make managing mortgages very stressful. We regularly work with self-employed clients, offering advice on structuring their home … Read more

Self-employed people, income insurance and ACC

As a self-employed person I pay ACC every year. And like you I hate it. But I also know it’s one of those facts of life – a bit like death and taxes, as the saying goes. I’ve also been on the receiving end of ACC lately because my knee gave way … Read more

Mortgages: Is a 10 year fixed term too long?

Imagine setting your interest rate at 5.89% and never batting an eyelid over it for the next 10 years. That’s what TSB’s recent announcement essentially offers – a 5.89% home loan fixed for 10 years. But does this deal really suit the average … Read more

RBNZ to impose speed limit on low deposit loans

The RBNZ looks set to proceed with a version of one of the macro-prudential tools signed off by the Finance Minister earlier this year — a restriction on loan to value ratios. Word on the street is that while the restriction won’t put a complete … Read more

Thinking of switching your mortgage to another bank?

I noticed a Facebook ad today from TSB Bank touting a 15 month fixed rate of 4.95%, $1000 toward cash for your troubles plus an ipad or iphone. Sounds great doesn't it? But watch out for the T&Cs because all such offers come with strings … Read more

My bank doesn’t understand small business

If you're a small business owner you may have heard this one before. You may have even said it once or twice! A few weeks ago we workshopped a case with National Bank where the business owner was looking for a loan to 'tidy up a few bills' and to … Read more

Mortgage advice

Two interesting scenarios have come across our desks in the last 10 days and I hope they demonstrate to you why you would use the go2guys as your mortgage broker over the DIY approach. In the first case we suggested to a couple that they tidy up a … Read more

2011 – get ready!

In real estate there are only a handful of rules; one of them is that ‘well located and appropriately priced property always moves quickly’. And is it any wonder? Although most buyers would welcome a screaming bargain in reality  ‘well located and … Read more