First home buyers

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The truth about low deposit mortgages

You may have noticed that banks have become more flexible in their lending policies especially for borrowers whose deposit is less than 20%. In fact, you may have even seen some advertising on TV (Westpac) or on Facebook targeting first home buyers … Read more

$18,000 house deposit – thanks Kiwisaver!

I’ll cut straight to it — if you’re not in Kiwisaver yet (or an equivalent scheme), somethings wrong with you. Although thousands of people have signed up there is still a group of people who seem paranoid about getting into it. In terms of … Read more

Make your tax cut work for you

From the 1st of October every income earner in NZ gets a pay rise thanks to a reduction in tax rates. At the same time GST is on the increase but the government reckon the overall effect is that nearly everyone will have a few more dollars in their … Read more

Spray ‘n’ Wipe, bleach and a financial spring clean

On Sunday morning I nearly poisoned myself with spray n wipe and bleach. No, life is not that bad but with the first day of spring behind us I couldn’t stand the accumulating dust or the mould on the window sills any longer. I just snapped and had to … Read more

100% mortgages coming back?

Making headlines recently in Sydney’s Daily Telegrpah was an article on high LVR lending with bank and non-bank lenders alike reported to be getting more comfortable lending up to 100%. What? I hear you say. Isn’t this the sort of behaviour that got … Read more

Earthquake relief from a favourite lender

This information bulletin came out today to assist home loan customers  in the Canterbury region who are affected by the recent earthquake. Its great to see this sort of thing and frankly, its actions like this which encourage us to recommend … Read more

Mortgage Round Up – Sept 2010

Do we do have momentum? There is no doubt that the economy is recovering, albeit slowly and on a slower basis than previous months.  Yes it’s a bit patchy with uncertainty still holding us in check but this will be the pattern for the balance of the … Read more

How hard is it to borrow now?

Everyone knows that the banks have become very conservative with their lending criteria and there is no doubt this has created challenges for all property buyers.   But the property market still moves. Sales volumes are anaemic but houses are still … Read more