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Auckland property market: Flat as a pancake

Interesting times in the Auckland property market. A year-on-year comparison of house price growth by Core Logic shows some parts of the city are still seeing some price increase but that’s not a unanimous picture, and the increases aren’t exactly … Read more

Residential property market survey

Although bank reports are often as dry as a brick in the Sahara the latest residential property market survey done by the BNZ has some interesting information if you care to take a look. Truly. It's on their website. I noted a couple of … Read more

100% mortgages coming back?

Making headlines recently in Sydney’s Daily Telegrpah was an article on high LVR lending with bank and non-bank lenders alike reported to be getting more comfortable lending up to 100%. What? I hear you say. Isn’t this the sort of behaviour that got … Read more

Mortgage Round Up – Sept 2010

Do we do have momentum? There is no doubt that the economy is recovering, albeit slowly and on a slower basis than previous months.  Yes it’s a bit patchy with uncertainty still holding us in check but this will be the pattern for the balance of the … Read more

Median property prices too high for first time buyers?

In this post Cam discusses why median property prices are irrelevant! As a 7th former I struggled to get a final year exam mark of 54% in the subject maths with calculus. At the same time a mate of mine was also struggling with the subject — to … Read more