First home buyers

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You don’t want to live in Wanganui

We all know that buying a first home is a challenge. Especially in Auckland where prices are what they are. So it makes sense for people buying a first home (or second) to turn their attention to other locations where house prices are lower. Like … Read more

Real Estate Agents and ‘the truth’

Some people regard real estate agents as a pack of liars and a proposal before parliament which would require real estate agents to tell the truth about properties they're marketing might just formalise that thinking. What's more it would appear the … Read more

5 tips for first home buyers this summer

1. A house that matches your entire wish list doesn’t exist.  It will be a compromise, so go for one that meets 75% of what you want and get on with it. Ignore if you just won lotto. 2. There’s a good chance you won’t be in your first house forever. … Read more

Waiting game not always a good idea

It’s often said that taking a wait and see approach can mean you avoid the trap of doing something you’ll later regret. Just because someone says ‘now is the time to act’ doesn’t mean they’re right. Half the time they’re saying it simply because they … Read more