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Avocado: A new macro prudential tool

You can wait a lifetime to have a Eureka moment. Mine happened this morning actually, as I munched my breakfast salad, lovingly prepared by my beautiful wife. Breakfast salad is a wonderful mix of bacon, egg, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce … Read more

Cam’s market update – The Go2Guys

Each quarter I participate in The Property Market’s Quarterly Update, where a panel of property industry experts contributes their views on Auckland’s residential property market. This month’s chat was all about where interest rates are headed and … Read more

There has been quite a lot of noise about (rising) inflation since roughly the end of March. It's the kind of noise that borrowers and wannabe borrowers should keep an eye on. Why's that you ask? Because there's a clear relationship between … Read more

Interest rates up, future rises moderate

So the RBNZ lifted the OCR this morning, no surprises there. But the really good news is that while future increases are certain to occur, the RBNZ believe the pace of increases will be much more moderate than it has suggested in the past. For the … Read more