Man, what a balls up Don Wilkinson has created for his dear old Mum. If you missed it, here’s the story in the NZ Herald.

Don’s story just goes to show that you’ve got to keep on top of your Will or else absurd things can happen. And personally I don’t think the court should intervene and nor should Don’s step-father feel obliged to share the inheritance with his ex-wife. Don’t get me wrong, Don’s mum should get something alright but it was actually up to Don to make sure that happened. He was a respected cop, a grown man and more than capable of managing his own affairs. Given that his profession meant his life is on the line more often than yours and mine don’t you think he would have been more aware of the risks than most?

There’s a lesson in this and I hope you do something about it before hitting the delete button…

We have a working relationship with the estate planning team at Trustees Executors who are happy to review your existing Will and help you make any adjustments necessary. They can also help draw up a new Will. If you have children, have started or ended a relationship or haven’t blown the dust of your Will in a while you need to sort something out. Yes, there is a charge and simple arrangements are between $150 — $200.  To my mind, thats a small price to pay for knowing you won’t create a mess like Don Wilkinson has. Call me now and we’ll put you in touch.


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